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3D Led Signs, which are 100% manufactured locally in the workshops of our company. Our goal is to deliver 3D Led signs to our valued customers by cargo within maximum 2 (two) working days. Upon request, the assembly of our neon effect light box letter signs are also manufactured by our teams. The 3D LED technology, which is generally used for lighting purposes, has started to be used at different points of the signage industry over time. Tabela Arkası is always at your service with the best design and solutions for signage manufacturing.

Have you decided to open a new store and can’t decide how and where to get your sign? Our team will be happy to assist you in making your selection and finalize your decision. With its 37 years of experience in the sector and its professional staff confidence, Tabela Arkası continues to be number one in its sector.

Tabela Arkası aims to offer products that will represent you and your company in the best possible way. Being different and being noticed is often a good approach for business life, but it is not always an effective solution. While you can manage to be different, it is the most important but also the hardest thing to leave with a positive and safe effect on people’s minds.

Tabela Arkası design and manufacture custom made 3D LED light boxes. Our ever growing range of lightbox types meet requirements for:

Light Box Signage for retail store / shop front signs both under awning or outdoor installations.

  • Light up Signs & Poster Displays.
  • Restaurant Menu Board Sign Systems.
  • Bespoke Lighted Displays for unique design criteria.

Our R&D and production capabilities enable us to achieve successful product functionality and end results.

3D LED lighting is today’s preferred choice for illuminated signage because they deliver longer life span and power efficient. Our 3D light box sign displays are edge-lit by LEDs. Using our edge-lighting technique, we achieve brighter illumination at low power consumption in comparison to any back-lit light box. These are key advantages of our LED light boxes.

We have manufacturing capability to produce custom size LED lightbox signs to suit available advertising space. The aesthetic slimline design varies from 20mm – 100mm thick depending on the application criteria. The slim build makes for an ideal product to incorporate into any interior and exterior design concept. Whatever your light box sign advertising requirement may be, we can offer a suitable illuminated light box or illuminated signage solution.

The constructions of our LED light box displays are robust and yet aesthetic. They offer the advantage of indoor and outdoor installation capability. We use the latest technology and improvements in LED lighting in all our lightboxes. The unique customizable fixing points and power cord exit position provides great flexibility during installation.

Our goal is to deliver our Signboards, which we have manufactured using first quality material, in the fastest and most economical way. These domestically produced 3D Led Signs can be manufactured by our company in the desired dimensions and colors in line with the wishes of our customers. You send us the size you request, your logo and the text you want, and we will design and manufacture your special sign for you under the guarantee of our company.

The visual parts of our signage consist of only plexiglass material. The side bands of the signage are made of black painted aluminum material and are rotated without any attachments or welding in our letter bending machines. Our side band thickness is generally 6 cm. Laser cut plexiglass with a thickness of 4 mm is used on the front surface. The back cover of the sign is made of CNC cut 5 mm PVC Foam. In the interior, LEDs suitable for outdoor conditions are used. It is not possible for our 3D LED signs to fade in the sun or be affected by the rain. It is delivered with a 12V adapter. The adapter and the foot are packaged together with the 3D LED Signage and delivered to you.

General Features of the Led Signs

Your company’s business plan should include an operating budget for outdoor lighting and adequate signage. These funds may be best spent by purchasing an outdoor LED sign. In today’s competitive business environment, first impressions are important for attracting attention and establishing your brand. Installing an LED sign outdoor isn’t just an investment, but also a strong way to make a mark in your community. Here are just some positive things ordering an LED sign from Tabela Arkası can do your company.

It Will Be a Cost-Effective Decision

It Makes for a Highly Visible Display

It Will Be Long Lasting

It Attracts Positive Attention

It Brings Versatility

It Allows for Custom Advertising

It Uses Less Electricity Than Traditional Options

It Promotes an Eco-Friendly Reputation

It Requires Less Maintenance Than Alternatives

It Helps Create Personal Connections

It Spurs Instant Action

It Makes You Memorable

Outdoor LED signs can change the trajectory of your business in positive ways. Whether it is developing a unique marketing strategy for your brand or attracting the attention of the community, a well-placed, well-lit sign is an asset. For more information on the latest trends in LED signage or to bring your sign idea out of the darkness and into the light, contact Tabela Arkası Team at at (+90 (532) 689 27 82.


LED is short for Light Emitting Diode. An LED emits light as a result of electric luminescence. It is also known as “cold light” as, unlike with old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, the light is not produced by heating a metal filament. The diode, on the other hand, emits light when flowing through two specially coated silicon semiconductors. It is one of the most energy-efficient and power-saving ways to produce light.

An LED consists of solid materials without movable parts and is often molded into transparent plastic. This ensures high durability. When an LED is on, it emits almost zero heat. This reduces the problem of cooling the electronic parts.

Briefly, LED can be defined as a semiconductor circuit element that turns electrical energy into light.

Working Principle of LED

– Direct current (DC) and voltage applied in the direction of the electrons move into motion and begin to emit light. Actually, they behave like normal diode in electronic circuits, but the junction voltages are different.

The junction voltage of 0.7 V for the normal diode varies from 1.6 V to 4 V depending on the colors for the LEDs.

It is very important for their lifetime that the LEDs do not go out of the proper voltage range. Because the lifetime of the LEDs is indirectly dependent on their voltage values.

-If we use an LED that needs 2V application at 3V, we shorten its life. So, it makes sense to use regulators in electronic circuits. So we can protect the LED from possible fluctuations and at the same time extend the life.

-The current-voltage graphics are superb. Thus, a small voltage change leads to a large current change. A current limit resistor must be connected in series to prevent the LEDs from being affected by high current variations. Thus, distortions due to voltage fluctuations are prevented.


An LED display consists of many closely-spaced LEDs. By varying the brightness of each LED, the diodes jointly form an image on the display.

To create a bright color image, the principles of additive color mixing are used, whereby new colors are created by mixing light in different colors. An LED display consists of red, green and blue LEDs mounted in a fixed pattern. These three colors combine to form a pixel. By adjusting the intensity of the diodes, billions of colors can be formed. When you look at the LED screen from a certain distance, the array of colored pixels is seen as an image.

Types of LED signage;

  • Through Hole LED
  • Scrolling LED

Through Hole LED; This typical type of light emitting diode is available in different colors, sizes and designs. The most common ones have a 3 mm or 5 mm lens diameter.

Materials such as PVC, acrylic, composite to be used as a circuit board are drilled with CNC according to the sign design. Then the diodes used in the desired colors are plugged in using contact holes in the circuit board and soldered to the corresponding traces and the panel is operated by connecting to the 12 V adapter with suitable amperage.

The Through Hole LED technology is unmistakable due to its mostly two-wire connections.

Scrolling LED; In this type of signs, ready-made RGB (multi-colored) LEDs are used.

After the electronic connections are made and the circuit has been connected to the 12 V adapter, the animation prepared by the computer program is transferred to the animation card of the led signboard via an USB and the panel starts to work as you want.

If you have any questions, require assistance with a project, or would you like a customized quote? Contact us at +90 (532) 342 32 46 and we will be happy to help you.

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