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Tabela Arkası design, manufacture and install a range of illuminated and non-illuminated signage intended specifically for pharmacies. Our second-to-none design abilities coupled with our cutting edge technologies ensure you get the display that you require and your customers are able to identify you and the services and products you offer.

The bespoke services that are most popular with our pharmacy clients include:

  • Illuminated and non-illuminated pharmacy fascia signs
  • Projecting signs
  • Internal pharmacy services panels
  • Window vinyl banners

More than 30 years we’ve been supplying a variety of signage for the pharmacies across Turkey. Signage provided includes internal and external signage, vehicle signage, various vinyl graphics, built up letters and illuminated signage.

Compliance of the Pharmacy Signs with the regulations in force, is of great importance for pharmacy owners.

Pharmacy on Duty Sign is also applied especially as an illuminated sign for pharmacies on duty, thus making it more accessible for patients and their relatives. The application of the new type of pharmacy signs as Illuminated Signs was considered as an issue that should be taken care of and the designs were made accordingly.

New Type Pharmacy Sign,

A new Pharmacy Sign Regulation has been introduced in 2014 for the use of pharmacy signs and also for their dimensions. The old type of Pharmacy Signs no longer exists; therefore, complexity is eliminated and customer satisfaction is increased. As a result of this new regulation, it was decided that all pharmacies’ signboards should be the same size, the same color and the same material in all country. Accordingly, Pharmacy Signs will be more noticeable by the citizens and will appear to be different from other store signs.

Tabela Arkası provides the Pharmacy Sign designs that are not affected by any seasonal conditions, stand out with their stainless structure.

As of April 1, 2017, pharmacies are obliged to switch to signs that comply with this regulation. Although it seemed different to people at the beginning, over time, everyone got used to this practice and experienced the advantages of being monotonous. You can start to advertise your pharmacy in the best way with the pharmacy signs that comply with the standards. For more detailed information

Pharmacy Signs are prepared in line with the Regulation published by the Turkish Pharmacists Association as stated below;

We present it to the information of all our colleagues.


ARTICLE 4: (1) Pharmacy signage standards have been determined as follows.

  1. a) Standard 1

Sign Type 1- In Pharmacies with facade width of 200 cm;

White Sign Ground: 150 x 50 cm

Red Ground: 200 x 45 cm

Pharmacy Word Letter Height: 25 cm

Pharmacy Name Letter Height: 9 cm

Sign Type 2- In Pharmacies with facade width of 300 cm;

White Sign Ground: 225 x 80 cm

Red Ground: 300 x 70 cm

Pharmacy Word Letter Height: 38 cm

Pharmacy Name Letter Height: 14 cm

  1. b) Standard 2

In pharmacies with a facade width of 400 cm or more, the white sign ground will be 300x100cm. Only the red ground will grow relative to the facade width.


ARTICLE 5: (1) The sign standards and application-related features established for pharmacies with 2m, 3m, 4m and above 4m facade width are determined as follows.

  1. a) Supporting Structure

5.1.a.1. All elements of the supporting structure will be made of steel box sections.

5.1.a.2. The lower and upper horizontal profiles of the supporting structure will be made of  min 30*30*2 mm steel box sections. The profile should be watertight.

5.1.a.3. Intermediate structural elements should be made of 30*20*2 mm steel box sections, and these intermediate posts will be welded to the lower and upper horizontal profiles at maximum 100 cm intervals. In order to prevent the supporting structure bending, minimum 30*20*2 mm box sections buttresses will be welded between each vertical profile and the horizontal profile at an angle of 45 degrees.

5.1.a.4. All structural elements shall be painted with anticorrosive paint.

5.1.a.5. The rear surface of the construction will be covered with 0.50 mm embossed aluminum sheet.

  1. b) Aluminum Casing

5.1.b.1. All aluminum cases will be made of 2 mm thick aluminum for both red and white surfaces. The depth of upper red aluminum faceplate casing will be 5 cm, the depth of the  upper white aluminum nameplate casing and red side faceplates will be 12 cm including the bends.

5.1.b.2. The front surface of the red aluminum faceplate casing and the red side faceplate casings shall be painted with RAL 3020 electrostatic powder paint. The front surface of the upper white aluminum nameplate casing will be painted with RAL 9003 electrostatic powder paint.

5.1.b.3. All structures are chrome plated and Alodine (chromate) coated before painting.

5.1.b.4. Welding slags and spatters shall be removed and undercoated.

5.1.b.5. Upmost care shall be taken to obtain a smooth surface at the junctions of the casing.

5.1.b.6. The connection of the all-red aluminum casing plates to each other shall be made with an inner aluminum profile. There will be no gaps between the adjacent parts.

5.1.b.7. The length of the upper red faceplate casing will be in the size of the floor to be installed, and the width will be 70 cm. The width of the upper white nameplate casing to be located on it will be 100 cm, providing 15 cm ledge on upper and lower sides. Regardless of the location of the entrance door of the pharmacy, the white nameplate casing with pharmacy lettering and pharmacy name will be centered to the upper red faceplate casing.

5.1.b.8. The white upper nameplate casing shall be attached to the upper red faceplate casing with a modular connection system which will provide easy assembling and disassembling without damaging the red faceplate casing. When the modular white nameplate casing is installed, the mounting screws and profiles will not be visible.

5.1.b.9. The size of the white nameplate casing will be 300×100 cm. For Pharmacy lettering, beveled 3D letters made of 4 mm red acrylic shall be used. Light diffuser acrylic material shall be used for light transmittance and homogenization. Pharmacy lettering character shall be Avenir Next Pro bold, beveled 3D. The letter size and spacing are shown in the following link

5.1.b.10. The name of the pharmacy will be applied to the white aluminum nameplate surface as an unlit red vinyl in capital letters. A Pharmacy lettering will be laser fret cut vertically on the side faceplate(s), and white 3mm acrylic will be used inside. Pharmacy name character font will be Avenir Next Pro and capital letter height will be 20cm. Technical details are given in th link below.

5.1.b.11. Illuminated or non-illuminated signs are at the discretion of the pharmacist, and in pharmacies where illuminated signs are preferred, only LED lighting will be used in the “PHARMACY” text, and there will be no lighting in the name of the pharmacy.

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