Plexiglass (Acrylic) Channel Letters Sign


First, let’s explain in detail what plexiglass is. Plexiglass is a colloquial way to refer to clear acrylic sheets, making acrylic and plexiglass the same product. Also known as acrylic, acrylic glass, plexiglass is a transparent petroleum-based thermoplastic typically manufactured in sheets. It is a strong, tough, and lightweight material, with a higher impact strength than glass. It is also useful for outdoor applications due to a higher environmental stability than most other plastics, such as polystyrene and polyethylene. Today, plexiglass is used for an extremely wide range of applications, such as food safety, construction, decoration and plate making.

Due to the rising cost of electricity and the emphasis on sustainability, the demand for neon signs and flashing marquees is waning. Advertisers and establishment owners are finding economical and attractive alternatives to ensure their businesses are still getting noticed. By integrating plastic into the design of channel letters, manufacturers have been able to produce energy efficient and maintenance-free letters designed to withstand the elements while maintaining an attractive look.

Unlike their metal counterparts, Acrylic channel letters offer a lightweight solution for a safer and easier to install final product. Acrylic channel letters also offer break-resistant properties and can effectively hide and distribute hot spots from the source of light. Available in multiple standard and custom colors, acrylic material stocks a large alternative used in the production of channel letters.

Acrylic has a smooth surface and is easy to cut, bend and paint, making it perfect for the world of signs. Acrylic is fantastic for indoor signage and outdoor laser cut or panel work. Acrylic comes standard from 2mm thick all the way up to 30mm thick and comes in a wide range of colors. You can fabricate acrylic in order to make it thicker or even join two pieces together. There are a number of different options of how you can use acrylic in your office.

Acrylic Channel Letters are produced from special light series acrylic with diffuser that spreads light homogeneously. Technical specifications of the letters we produce:

  • Front and Side 3 mm plexiglass with special diffuser
  • 3 Chip Module Led inside.
  • 10 mm PVC Foam on the back
  • 7cm deep (thickness)
  • Front and Side can be from different material (as an option)

Acrylic channel letters, where the entire letter or just the face is lit up, are made by taken acrylic flat cut letters (with support of CNC engraving and cutting machine) and building up a return on the back side of the letter face. This return is then glued to the back of letter face to create the return around the letter. Any curves in the letter requires the craftsman to heat, form and cool that part of the return to that curve.


Types of Acrylic Channel Letter Signs

Acrylic Channel Letters are commonly illuminated using LED’s however, they can also be non-illuminated. When illuminated, each character has individual illumination. A channel letter can be any letter, number, or other character (including logo symbols) that, when combined with other similar characters, represents a sign.

Light Plexi box letter signage type carries the same features as Plexi box letter signage. The price increases due to the materials used only because it is illuminated. But with the price difference you will give for it to be illuminated, it will have a positive contribution to you as it attracts more attention than other signage and is noticed by potential customers.

Types or Methods of Illumination

  • Front-Lit (Standard Channel Letter)

Face of each letter is fabricated with translucent acrylic, so light shines out through the front. This is the most common type of channel letter.

Each character is acrylic or aluminum on the back and sides.

Modern, front-lit channel letters are illuminated internally with LEDs, lighting the “face” of each character.

The sign face is commonly held in place with aluminum or plastic trim caps however improved manufacturing techniques also make it possible to fabricate a supremely cleaner trimless edge.

Trim cap is available in a wide assortment of colors to help you customize the appearance of your letter set. Non-standard colors can be custom painted if needed.

The sign face itself is constructed of acrylic.

Usually, the color elements of the logo are done with cut-out translucent vinyl or, if the color of the face is solid, the acrylic itself can be in its specific color, as long as the color matches the standard colors available.

Because of the materials used, standard front-lit channel letters are highly customizable.

  • Reverse-Lit (Halo-Illuminated)

Face of each letter is nontransparent, while the back is translucent, allowing the light to diffuse through the back of the letters instead of the front.

Light from the individual characters is cast from the back of the letter and shines onto the wall behind providing an excellent ambiance that is softer and less overpowering.

Halo-lit channel letters can also be mounted on top of a surface (i.e., monument sign, wall, or fabricated base) by attaching the base of each character to the mounting surface, with a full panel or individually flat cut out letters mounted behind each character to provide reflection, for a free floating, decorative effect.

They consist of aluminum faces and returns, which are lifted off the wall or raceway allowing the LED lights inside them to shine out the sides and cast a glow around each letter, and thus creating a halo effect.

Halo-lit letters are often used for sign projects that require a unique, classy, or distinguished look or brand image.

They are also required or specified in locations where minimizing light pollution is considered essential.

Acrylic Channel Letters in Desired Color, Desired Shape

One of the most striking features of acrylic channel letters is that they are available in different colors. It is also possible to determine the shape of the letters. In this way, it is possible to create very interesting and very original signs. Our company can produce acrylic channel letters in various colors and shapes according to the wishes of the customers. In this way, very personal logos and designs can be created. Thanks to these products, we offer endless opportunities for our customers’ advertising solutions. It is possible to attract the attention of the customers with fully customizable acrylic channel letters.

Specialty Acrylic channel letters

We can manufacture for you uniquely designed signs with features that are tailor fit to your specifications. A balanced mix of color changing LEDs, neon lights, new letter colors, perforated returns and other distinctive elements you may wish to add can be customized for added appeal.

You have worked hard to build your business. You have a great organization, a purposeful marketing strategy in place and a powerful social media presence. And now you just acquired new knowledge on channel letter signs. If you consult Tabela Arkası, a trusted sign company now, you may yet get the best sign deal that can bring your business to the next level. You can send us your suggestions and ask any questions on our WhatsApp line +90 (532) 342 32 46.

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