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Aluminum Channel Letters are classified on the basis of sideband thickness. The thickness of the aluminum plate used in the manufacture of aluminum letters can generally vary between 0.6 – 2.0 mm. If you are going to use Aluminum Channel Letters in your Sign, we strongly recommend that you use black colored side bands. In this way, the sides of the letter will disappear in the dark of night, and a very effective image will emerge as if it is burning in the air (space).

Production of Aluminum Channel Letters…

Special light series diffuser plexiglass is used on the front of the Aluminum Channel Letters, which spreads the light homogeneously. Technical specifications of the letters we use are:

  • Front face: 3 – 8 mm plexiglass with special diffuser or 1 – 2 mm Aluminum
  • Side face: 0,6 – 2,0 mm Aluminum
  • Static powder paint (oven dying) is used.
  • LED Module with 3 Chips
  • 10 mm PVC Foam sheets on the back (Known as Dekota or Forex)
  • 250 – 3000 mm letter height
  • 40 -160 mm letter depth (thickness)
  • Different Front and Side panel material options

During the manufacture of Aluminum Channel Letters, a two-component adhesive material is used to fuse the materials to each other. Thanks to this adhesive used, there is no blackening or adhesive stain on the front surface.

Aluminum Letters are classified in 3 groups according to their lighting methods:

1-Back Lit Aluminum Channel Letters

2-Rimmed Front Lit Aluminum Channel Letters

3-Reverse Pan Aluminum Channel Letters

Backlit Aluminum Channel Letter is a type of letter made by cutting the aluminum plate in the desired design and bringing it in the form of a box with the help of the side bands cut to the desired size, and turning the LED into the letter so that the letter emits light from the back. The letter is attached to the surface with the help of stud foots and an elegant appearance is obtained on the floor.  The letter is attached to the surface with the help of stud foots and an elegant appearance is obtained on the floor. Due to the easy dyeing of the aluminum material, it can be produced in the desired color according to the color codes.

In the Rimmed Aluminum Channel Letter option, the front cover of the channel letters is made of Plexiglas material of any desired color with an aluminum trim so that the letters are illuminated from the front surface. The side panels (called return) of the letters are prepared in the desired size and design. The aluminum trim of desired thickness (approximately 2- 3 cm) in line with the customer’s request can be fixed to the front acrylic or it can be produced as L-angle to hold the front acrylic especially for big letters. If requested, illumination can be provided from both the front and the rear surface by giving light from the back.

In the Reverse Pan Aluminum Channel Letter option, the side and back aluminum surfaces of the letters are cut in the desired size and design and welded together. Thus, a monolithic letter pan is obtained and fixed to the signboard floor. After the lighting assembly is placed, the plexiglass material is fixed on it. Due to the durability of the aluminum material fixed to the floor, this type of signs is generally preferred for large-scale Roof and Wall Signs.

In general, Aluminum Channel Letters Sign is the process of obtaining 3-dimensional letters and logos by cutting aluminum plates as text or logos and welding the side panels to create depth around them. If desired, the manufactured letters can be painted in the desired colors using oven dyeing method. Aluminum Channel Letters sign is the most durable Sign type and can be used for many years without deforming and rusting. Especially factories and large enterprises prefer these types of signs. Due to the fact that aluminum is a precious metal and special painting techniques are applied, its costs are more expensive than other Channel Letters.

Aluminum Channel Letters are designed and manufactured according to types of lighting methods, such as front and back surface lighting.

If it is desired to get light from the front surface of the letters, the applied method is called “Reversed Pan Method” where a LED lighting element is laid inside and a plexiglass cover is placed on the front surface to obtain an illuminated letter and logo.

In the method of lighting from the back surface, the front panels and side bands prepared in the desired size and design are welded to each other and painted in the desired color with oven dieing method. LED lighting elements are placed inside the letters and the letters are mounted at a distance from the floor and the shape of the letter is illuminated on the floor with a method called reverse lighting.

As Tabela Arkası, we aim to add visual differences to the spaces of our customers by in house manufacturing of Aluminum Channel Letters and by combining our workmanship with highest quality materials. For all your Sign needs, you can contact us by calling +90 532 3423246 or by using our e-mail address.

Flawless workmanship, excellent appearance

We manufacture your designs that make up your brand from light, durable, stable aluminum sheets with a wide color scale.

Wide color options

We produce aluminum letters in a wide variety of fonts and sizes, with a wide selection of colors that can be selected from the RAL chart. We meet all your Sign needs with direct or indirect lighting options.

Aluminum letters are resistant to all kinds of environmental conditions. We produce aluminum letters with perfect workmanship and perfect appearance by means of our CNC laser machines.

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