Sometimes referred to as step and repeat backdrops or banners, these backdrops reinforce your branding, provide sponsor recognition or set the tone, mood and theme for your event. They are often used as press conference backdrops, event backdrops, branded backgrounds at photo shoots, or trade show backdrops made in the background of the speaker or speakers or program participants in general promotions, advertisements, launches, special days. Backdrop stands are manufactured in various sizes and formats. The main carcass, also called backdrop stand, is sometimes a detachable framework that can be used several times by changing only the backdrop image.


Premium Fabric Backdrops

Our premium backdrops are made of a special polyester fabric that provides a non-glare satin finish, perfect for photography. Our special direct to fabric printing process embeds your graphics into the fabric, providing a long-lasting graphic that can be cleaned if needed. While the fabric is wrinkle resistant, it can be gently steamed with a hand-held steamer to remove stubborn wrinkles that sometimes occur when the backdrop is stored folded for a long period of time.

Our direct to fabric printing process embeds colors into the fabric making for durable polyester knit, wrinkle resistant fabric with vibrant full-color graphics. Backdrops are easier to hang with weighing 30% less than vinyl backdrops. Pole pockets are created the top and bottom to accommodate the backdrop frame (available with grommets if needed). The backdrops are also treated to be flame retardant.

Standard Vinyl Backdrops

Our standard vinyl backdrops are a budget friendly alternative to our premium fabric backdrops. Printed on a special matte finish non-glare vinyl, the economy backdrops provide vibrant color images and are easy to clean. Special care is needed when storing the backdrops to prevent permanent wrinkling and creasing of the material.

Vinyl Backdrops are full-color graphics made of a durable vinyl material with non-glare satin finish. Pole pockets are created the top and bottom to accommodate the backdrop frame (available with grommets if needed).

Stand Options

Standard Telescopic Backdrop Stand

Our standard backdrop stand is made from lightweight aluminum alloy and comes in black or silver. There are two standard sizes, one is adjustable up to 250 cm (h) x 250 cm (w) and the other is 300 cm (h) x 300 cm (w). Each stand has multiple size adjustments and comes with a carrying case. A linking kit is also available to link two or more together.

Deluxe Telescopic Backdrop Stand

Made in Türkiye, the deluxe telescopic backdrop stands come with a sturdy steel bridge support base, and come in satin silver and matte black finishes. Available with standard tubing for lighter weight graphics or jumbo tubing for heavy weight vinyl or extra-large graphics. The telescopes range from 90 cm. to 250 cm high and from 75 to 250 cm wide. A grand format extension kit can extend the frame up to 300 or 360 cm high and wide.

We also provide various options and manufacture tailor made backdrops at any size.

While producing the Backdrops (stage preparation), the dimensions should be determined first. According to the determined dimensions, main stand should be manufactured using aluminum profiles in accordance with the dimensions of the Backdrop.

Where backstops are used?

Backdrops – Back stages have been used in many areas as listed below to give you an idea:

  • Auction Halls
  • Concert Stages
  • Meeting Scenes
  • Photo Studios
  • Hospital Lobbies
  • Theater Stages
  • Fairgrounds
  • Shopping malls
  • Wedding / Engagement Organizations
  • Birthday Organizations
  • Launching Ceremonies
  • Convention Centers
  • Cinema Halls
  • Openings
  • Workshops
  • Hotels
  • Symposiums
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Promotion Days

Why are Backdrops Used?

Many have wondered why media planners need backdrops. Tabela Arkası can give you an answer. Backdrops provide the perfect and final element that ties the theatrical production together. From dance recitals to events and to the perfect scenery. Backdrops allow you to set the stage and enhance the decoration with the visual impact that makes a presentation unforgettable.

Backdrops, also known as backgrounds, have been used in films, photography for a visual scene behind a subject. They are used all around. In theater, backdrops appear on the stage, within the background, providing the perfect scenery for the scene that is being enacted. The great advantage of using backdrops is the mobility. With every scene that is being used, the backdrop can be changed multiple times that can correlate with the different themes of the play at any given moment.

Backdrops are often varied and range from different rural scenes to modern designs to different colors. For example, backdrops can be used for scenes that use jungle backdrops, a scene depicting a grand ballroom, or an icy and snow-covered mountain. Many of these scenes allow the audience to understand the mood, tone and purpose of the scene as the play continues. Another bonus, is that backdrops can also replace the need for and cut down on the expense of multiple set pieces and props since they provide a full visual on a grand scale.

From specific scenes to customization, we can create the perfect backdrop for your production. So if you have a production and have the perfect backdrop to use, contact us today! We are here to help and got your backdrop!

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