Pole (Pylon) Sign


Totem Signage is a general name given to large freestanding structures designed to attract attention from a wide area. The name of the totem sign is taken from the totems that are considered sacred by the indigenous people living in the North American continent and called the Indians. The ‘T’ shape used in totem signs was inspired by this, and this form has been preserved ever since. There may be sign box (or cassette) supported by a steel post traditionally known as a pole sign or a fully cladded structure often referred to as a monolith (or totem) sign. They are general used by Retail parks, Shopping centers, Schools and Universities, Car dealerships, Restaurants, Business premises and trading estates. Materials can vary from powder coated aluminum, brushed stainless steel to hardwood timber cladding.

Pole Signs are advertising products that consist of one or more poles and a top sign box (cassette) and are used by companies to increase their awareness. They are generally used in open areas, intercity highways and main streets. The height of the Pole and the dimensions of its sign box vary according to the distance of the target area and the geographical location of the application point.

Pole Signs are very flamboyant in shape and size and can be spotted from a great distance. These signboards, which make the brand recognition of the companies quite effectively in the open area, arouse the curiosity of the customers and direct them to the company and the brand. Advertising applications created with visually pleasing colors in areas far from the city center or on the side of the streets are quite remarkable. Although their costs may seem high in the short term, they are very profitable applications in the long run. A well-designed Pole Sign also reveals the quality of the products being promoted. The designs of these memorable applications always impress the customer and arouse interest.


Pole signs can be applied with or without lighting, based on the ideas of both customers and field experts. The lighting material used can be led or fluorescent. Likewise, if an unlit sign box is preferred, spot lights can also be used to illuminate the sign box in line with the preferences of our customers and the suggestions of our technical staff.

The most important criterion that will determine the shape of the sign box is the number of directions foreseen or targeted. If aiming only one direction (one sided Pole sign), the front of the sign box should face that direction directly. If two directions are targeted and these two directions are opposite, two-sided sign box shall be used and the faces of the sign box should see both directions and the lighting should be done accordingly. If three directions (three-sided sign box) are targeted, it would be more accurate to design the shape of the sign box as a triangular prism. It is also possible to apply square or rectangular prism sign boxes that address four directions. The 360° rotating sign box alternatives also stand out as a more preferred technological application day by day.

Points to be considered in manufacture of Pole Signs…

The height of the pole signs from the ground is at least 3-4 m. Pole Signs, which are free-standing structural elements that stand on their own foundation, own anchorage and own construction, must be specially designed due to their dimensions and heights, and must be manufactured and assembled with engineering knowledge and experience.

Safety should be at the forefront in the construction of the pole signs. The depth of the excavation, the structure of the soil, the distance of the sign to the electric poles, the calculation of the diameter and thickness of the pipes and flanges, and the welding method, if applicable, should be planned and calculated by a team of experts.

In order for the pole and sign box to be resistant to earthquakes and stormy weather and not to collapse, it is very important to make static and foundation calculations very carefully, to use quality materials in the manufacturing of poles and sign box frames, and to use the foundation reinforcement and concrete in accordance with the standards in force.

Briefly; after the design and drawings are prepared using vector-based programs, aluminum sheets are cut using laser cutters on CNC machines. When necessary, the bending operations are carried out on special bending presses. Paint is applied to the prepared signage materials with oven paint method.

Tabela Arkası is one of the leading companies with over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of Pole Signs. It has signed hundreds of projects for the manufacturing Pole and Monolith Signs and has an inspiring profile with its satisfaction-oriented services and high-quality applications.

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