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You go to work every day and something that might seem obvious to someone else may escape your notice. Unmaintained signs or a peeling façade or window film can say a lot about your business. While 80% of consumers do their first research on the internet, 90% of them visit the workplaces after online research and then complete their shopping. That’s why your store should match your online appearance and bring the potential customers in.

Having an ordinary and unremarkable store/shop architecture and signage means not being able to attract the attention of customers and therefore not making enough sales. If you do not pay enough attention to the architectural and custom signage design, you may face huge losses in the long run.

Architectural signage is a critical component of any commercial space, and it constantly surrounds us in everyday life. Still, many people don’t understand what architectural signage actually is, or how it can be leveraged to boost their brand, business or building.

Similar to drawing up plans for any well-designed commercial structure, the design and development of architectural signage is both a science and an art.

Strong engineering ensures the durability and longevity of materials, while detailed design marries form and function for eye-catching, professional and practical signage that serves a purpose.

Why do you Need Architectural Signage?

Here’s more background about architectural signage, and why it brings so many aesthetic and advantages to commercial buildings and businesses:

Architectural signage has a variety of functions vital to the usability and navigability of a building, but it must also reinforce brand identity, using a consolidated design language that adheres to guidelines concerning colors, materials and typography (with the exception of health and safety signage where there are wider regulations concerning design).

The challenge for signage designers working alongside architects is to take a series of sometimes intricate requirements regarding wayfaring, information sharing and branding to create something that enhances both the design and user experience of a building in a coherent and aesthetically pleasing way.

Perhaps one of the most famous and impressive examples of architectural signage in Istanbul is that found within the Istanbul Underground. With an instantly recognizable brand identity, this signage helps up to five million people navigate the extensive Istanbul transport system every day, displaying everything from the iconic tube map to pricing information.

Other places where you are likely to see large networks of architectural signage include university campuses, airports, shopping centers, hospitals and office buildings.

TABELA ARKASI, which was established with the dream of an office that has a say in various scales and phases of the Architecture and Design process, has application experience and practice where financial constraints affect the ideals the least, has carried out works in various scales of design practice until today.

It is pleased to be a solution partner to the leading companies of the sector with the experience of having projects and applications in project areas that require expertise.

While creating a functional formation in its customer-oriented projects, it meets the demands of its customers with its approach that does not ignore the harmony from aesthetics and the environment.

Considering that the architectural production process consists of design and construction stages; TABELA ARKASI is a company that can take part in every stage of the process in line with customer demand. During the work process stages, being; Unlimited, Original, Rational, Innovative, Technological – while determining the “most correct” solution among the solutions he developed, being Aesthetic (win people’s admiration) and Sustainable (The concepts of spatial flexibility and using recyclable materials) become effective according to changing conditions.

In addition, it deals with the concept of feasibility in the design process and determines the possible problems that may be encountered in the construction process and realizes the concepts of effective design and effective construction. TABELA ARKASI aims to reach the highest quality in the shortest time, with the least cost, in line with today’s conditions.


Architectural signage refers to any sign that is added to the building’s design. The term sounds vague but is often used to refer to a wide variety of large format graphics, including vinyl signs, 3-Dimensional store names, logos, welcome signs, large printed and framed photographs, advertisements, directional and wayfinding signs, wall and window murals, and room labels. The art of architectural signs is weaving together the colors, logos, fonts, and graphics to create a cohesive branded space while maintaining the functionality of the signage.

Almost all large buildings need architectural signage to look professional and accessible. Beyond the basic identity and reception signs outside, large format wall graphics can add character to indoor areas. These graphics can be installed anywhere and are a fast and affordable way to revamp a building’s appearance and attract more visitors. Custom printed vinyl can transform the appearance of a plain white canvas to a bold, eye-catching mural or to a more upscale look of stained wood or brick. Smaller buildings can also use a variety of signs to define themselves and stand out.

Why use architectural signage?

Brand Advertisement

Large, printed logos or branded wall graphics are a great way to further your company’s presence and display what matters most to your team and your customers. However, you don’t want to lose that visual appeal once your customers step inside of your space. With the ability to blend logos, short sentences, colorful artwork, or other graphics into the building design, the overall effect can be anything from attention-grabbing to awe-inspiring to humorous.

Positive Messages

Apart from advertising, well-chosen wall decor graphics can hugely influence the feel of a space. Adding positive messages and refreshing art to the walls of a room can change the experience of being in that space, whether for a meal, a meeting or shopping.

The Experience of Visitors

Have you ever entered a large building to find yourself in a virtual maze of hallways, rooms and atriums? What about having no idea where to find the bathroom? Wall graphics and dimensional signs for a business or large building can make visiting the site a much smoother and enjoyable experience. Navigating the space, especially for newcomers, can be made much simpler with directional and wayfinding signage. Providing easy to follow directions and labeling rooms, doors, floor numbers and common areas can put a guest at ease as they know they are in the right place.

Where can it be placed?


Custom wall graphics and signs come in whatever size and shape best suits your interior design. Imagine a mural of your team with a large logo enhancing the entryway, or perhaps a smaller photo adorning the board room. A dull visit to the bathroom can be transformed into a much more memorable experience with the intelligent use of wall graphics. If your business has an outdoor flavor, abstract art styled mountains as restroom wallpaper could keep guests immersed in your brand throughout their visit. Floor to ceiling murals, an intricate strip at shoulder height, a small door design, or outfitted elevators are also great ways to add to a building’s indoor ambiance.


The range of materials used in architectural signs means that they can be placed outdoors. Specific materials are produced to stand turbulent weather or consistent high temperatures without losing color or shape. Furthermore, outdoor wall graphics require low maintenance. You can often remove stains with something as simple as soap and water. A large building’s presence and, by extension, the brand’s familiarity and trust can all be increased by outdoor architectural signs. A building with a large, printed mural of an iconic local symbol, team, or figure can become a local landmark through original custom wall graphics.

Big and Small

Architectural signs can be printed to fit any situation. From small door designs to multi-story masterpieces, wall decor graphics know no limits. Many graphics can be designed to blend in with the surface they are being imposed on, giving them a high-level appearance. For example, if the exterior of the building is brick, an attention-grabbing vinyl sign can be printed to appear as if it is breaking through the brick wall. On the interior, an interactive timeline of growth or the corporation’s history can be created along an entire hallway.

How does the signage renewal process work?

Our technical team first prepare the new design with its expert technical staff, organizes the whole work and comes before you as the sole responsible. Exterior architectural project alternatives are produced for you. Applications are completed by professional teams. You will be informed about the material to be used before the work starts and during the work process. Our project teams will always be in contact with you while the project is in progress. In this way, the applications are carried out within the targeted budget, will be finalized on the promised time and without giving you any trouble to you.

How is it installed?

After a sign is prepared, installation is generally a quick and orderly operation. There’s no need to stress over pausing business as normal or having construction work ruining the outward appearance of the entire building. No construction interruption is a great bonus compared to a longer-term remodeling project.

Building renovations can also take a large bite out of the budget. In comparison, large format wall graphics are relatively inexpensive. This, combined with the greater range of creativity offered, makes graphics a great alternative to a pricier full-scale construction project. The exterior or interior of your building can take on a new and improved presence basically overnight.


Whether it’s a business building, university, hotel, large venue, cafe, or outlet, architectural signage will add character and value to your brand and the experience visitors have while at the location. Custom vinyl signs achieve this through impressive wall art, navigational aid and expressing the building’s purpose more distinctly. Architectural signs can be added to all types of building’s interiors and exteriors, require little maintenance, and can easily be switched out to new designs. For the value they create, they are dependably inexpensive and quick to install. What could an architectural sign add to your building and brand? Even if the exterior of your building is old and outdated, your building will gain a new identity with the facade renovation studies and the facade cladding materials to be recommended by our architectural design team.

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