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The concept that is described as corporate identity is actually the concept that represents the stance, behavior and image of a company, institution, foundation or other such formations both inside and outside the company, that is, the identity of the company.

In other words, corporate identity is the visible face of the company from the internal and external world. Corporate identity eliminates identity confusion that may arise in companies. At the same time, a well-designed corporate identity enables companies to gain prestige in the eyes of their customers or target audience, and increase the prestige of companies. In addition, when these identities, which are formed in an effective and memorable way, are assimilated by the companies, they increase the trust in the companies in the eyes of the customers and allow the companies to be more prominent in their minds.

Identify your corporate buildings with custom signage.

Corporate branding signage is the embodiment of your company’s spirit and employee culture. If you want to reinforce your brand identity, you have to start with architectural signage. The perception of your company, and its relationship to competitors, will all be gleaned within the first sixty seconds of a visitor walking into your office building’s front lobby.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. And, in an ideal world, no one would. But we don’t live in an ideal world. Our team specializes in delivering high-impact first impressions across many types of signage, so you don’t have to worry about customers making the wrong judgment about your brand.

At Tabela Arkası, we prioritize substance over style in our corporate signage. Whether you need an elegant, illuminated lobby sign, or minimalist window graphics on the front door of your building, we’ll take care of it all. With a uniform design language and a comprehensive approach to architectural signage, your identity will remain consistent across manifold surfaces and platforms.

Corporate Identity on Sign

Many variables factor into effective signage when it comes to corporate identity. Because these signs neither display a tagline or a call-to-action, nor advertise specific products or services, their successful utilization relies largely on aesthetics.


Color increases brand recognition by 80 percent. So, stay away from monochromatic color schemes and generic, black lettering.

Make sure the typography you use is clearly visible, and readable from multiple angles. We recommend sans-serif fonts for most outdoor corporate applications.

A hundred years ago, most displays of branding were hand-painted or fashioned out of lumber. In today’s climate, diverse materials play a huge role in how your company is perceived. While we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with any material you select, durability and longevity vary widely between different substrates.

Size matters, big time. If you’re branding the front of your corporate office, you’ll want an identifier that can be seen from the main highway or collector road. Drivers who commute to work every day will come to recognize your building as a staple of the neighborhood.

The product that will most accurately reflect the corporate identity of a company will be the right sign. In order to have a correct and interesting signage, you need to work with a quality signage company. As Tabela Arkası, we have been providing quality service to our customers for 32 years, and we always take care to prioritize customer satisfaction in the services we provide.

The logos and slogans of the companies are especially included on the signs. These are among the most effective factors in the formation of a corporate identity. The most important thing that will move a workplace forward day by day will be corporate identity. The first step for the formation of corporate identity will undoubtedly be the signage of the institutions in question. Today, it is impossible to talk about an institution or company without a sign. When opening a workplace, first a signboard related to that workplace is made.

In terms of corporate identity, we can say that the importance of signage is a little more than other elements. Yes, the clothes of the employees are also important in terms of corporate identity. But the importance of the sign is a little more than these. Because the first thing that will attract the attention of a customer about the company will always be the sign. Therefore, choosing the right sign is essential for a company. Although the choice of signage may seem simple, it will contribute greatly to the development and growth of a company.

The corporate signs prepared by our company in accordance with the corporate identity ensure that the brand gives the message it wants. After mutual exchange of ideas with the brand, it is decided how the corporate signage service will be together with the Behind the Signage team.

Corporate signage, which can be prepared in many different sizes and features, is prepared in 3D in the virtual environment. Our company, which constantly communicates with customers for the approval of the customer, also performs the assembly of the corporate signage in accordance with the demands and requests of the customer.

The corporate signage service, which increases the visuality of the brand, is in a noticeable size. Along with the design of the sign, its manufacture and assembly are also carried out by our company. Corporate signs, which easily reach high promotion rates, have eye-catching designs. Corporate signage, which is a reflection of quality workmanship, is extremely important for businesses. Corporate signage, which can be used for many years, can be illuminated or unlit.

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