Distressed (Weathered) Sign


Nostalgia in purchasing…

For our customers who want their signs to look older, retro style and authentic, Distressed Signs are added to our product scope although they are not preferred so much as corporate or dealer signs, but they are the type of signage preferred by companies such as Cafe, Bar, Boutique Hotel.

Design of the spaces is important for the good development of architectural areas. The area is a space that needs to be defined, and in the phase from ancient times to the present, space designs that reflect cultures, in which both personal and social relations are intertwined, have been formed. Today, the orientation designer has combined his unique communication, visual and symbolic languages ​​with a wide variety of applications and has revealed the examples of orientation design seen in the urban and architectural field.

Designers have started to produce projects in the architectural and urban areas by using the materials and design powers they have. This has created a new field, the concept of environmental graphic design.

Routing is the exchange of information between communication senders and receivers, and communication design plans by which means and how this action should be done. In order to provide better communication between people and places, routing design, environmental graphic design and signage design, which are a new expansion, have emerged.

These signs, which are an indicator of warmth and sincerity, generally use materials such as Steel, Bronze, Aluminum and Wood.

We add warmth and sincerity to the look of your home or workplace with distressed signs.

Wrought iron, box profile and nails are the most preferred materials for mounting and hanging apparatus. Depending on the type of material used, aging is carried out with acid, paint and sand blasting techniques.

One of the most important features of distressed signs is that they are not exactly the same, no matter how much you try to do the same, there are very small differences in some streaks of the wood. Maybe that’s why these types of signs are not used as dealer signs which need age to be exactly similar. The most important factor of custom old looking signs is that they reflect the manufacturer’s knowledge, know-how, artisanship and experience. That’s why we, as Tabela Arkası, are at the pioneer and leader of this category of signs. We provide quality and fast service with our expert team members.

Why don’t make things a little old?

As a team, we take you a little back with our retro-looking designs. We committed ourselves to beautify your living spaces with our accessories and signboards that we manufacture with eye-catching natural materials.

We add warmth and sincerity to the look of your home or workplace with our custom old looking signs. Why don’t make things a little old?

We are a team that sees the manufacturing of sign as an art. Signs and accessories reflect your identity in your personal and business life. We strengthen your identities with our signs that we manufacture using wood, metal, wrought iron, unlit or lit according to your wish and delight.

Tumbled wooden tables, fireplace coffee tables, bookcase and furniture, distressed lamps and accessories and furniture, which we produce with eye-catching materials for your homes, are custom-made.

The materials that we carefully look after for years so that they do not get old are now distressed, tumbled or aged by our craftsmen in the best way. You can contact us for Distressed Signboard Samples, Types, Designs and Prices.

Old to new, New to old…

Experience is very important in distressed sign making. For example, in case of metal distressing, when making a rusty sign or rusty box lettering, the behavior of the metal should be very well known so that both the customers and us, we can get the desired results. The use of light is also important when making illuminated distressed signs. Because the type and intensity of the light is very important in the distressed or rusted signs. A small mistake, can damage the visual quality of the sign. Our only advice to our customers who want distressed or rusted signs is to trust our style, experience and craftsmen.

Do you want your home or workplace to look warmer and more friendly? If your answer is “yes”, then distressed signage options will be the most suitable alternative for you in sign selection.

With our quality workmanship, extraordinary designs, fast production and reasonable prices, we serve you with the production of variety of distressed signs.

We take you on a nostalgic journey with our old-looking designs. According to your pleasure and request, we offer you a natural and friendly environment by using the distressing method on the signs we manufacture using wood, metal, wrought iron and lit or unlit.

We offer our customers a unique design and quality workmanship with various materials and distressing methods. We collect different materials; we use laser burning or CNC engraving techniques in manufacturing of our distressed signs. When necessary, we handcraft our models instead of using technology-oriented techniques, depending on your request.

Some of our distressed signs are made of Corten steel or cold-rolled stee sheets. The material gets weathered day by day and gets a retro look by rusting. Distressed sign types are made with or without light, depending on your wishes or needs.

We use carefully selected wood materials used in our distressed sign manufacturing. Using this type of signs we create an antique atmosphere, which is indispensable for French architectural applications.

In distressed sign design we also use brass as well as wooden material. These signs, which are generally used in illuminated outdoor signs, will add a different atmosphere to your workplace.

Distressed wooden signs are one of our products that are frequently preferred by our customers who want to reveal their difference. If you also want to show your difference, all you have to do is to call us.

Every new idea is for the satisfaction of our customers.

As in all sectors, in the signage sector too, experiencing the beautiful emotions that nostalgia adds to the human spirit with a return to the past…

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