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Roof/Wall Signs are type of Signs manufactured to be used on the roofs and/or walls of buildings. They are generally used for advertising purposes. A Sign placed on the highest floor of a building will naturally attract people’s attention, and many people will have an instinct to examine the content of the Sign, thereby increasing both the visibility of the brand and the awareness of the people. As Tabela Arkası, we are ready to respond to all your roof/wall Sign needs. All you have to do is contact us when necessary.

We wouldn’t be exaggerating when we said “The advantages of Roof/Wall Sign are innumerable”. Thanks to the roof/wall Signs, you can really attract the attention of a large number of people. Thus, people will be curious about your brand. Thanks to the Roof/Wall Signs, there will definitely be an increase in the number of people coming to visit your store. Also, placing a Sign even on a very high floor will show how seriously you take your job and how eager you are to be recognized.

Why is Roof/Wall Sign Necessary?

As you can imagine, choosing roof/wall Signs is not a necessity, but the advantages it will provide are undeniable. The purpose of company and/or product promotion has always been to attract more people’s attention. In other words, publicity is in a sense a way of proving power and greatness. This type of advertising on high-rise buildings therefore contributes to the corporate structure of companies. If you have a Sign on the roof or wall of the tallest building on a street, everyone passing by will be aware of your company.

Roof / wall Signs require great mastery and experience in design and manufacture. Their biggest difference compared to other Signs is that they have very large dimensions, thus, even people looking from far away can see the Sign.

When you apply to our company for a roof/wall Sign, first of all, feasibility studies are carried out for the place where you want the Sign to be placed. According to the results obtained from these studies, the assembly of the signboard begins. The reason why the assembly process requires mastery is that the location to be mounted is high, so it is more exposed to the wind. Additionally, the installation should be done by taking into account the dimensions of the floor and the conditions such as the letters should be large enough to be read. Our experienced assembly teams always pay attention to all these situations while serving you. If you want your roof/wall Sign to have the highest possible quality and standards, or for more detailed information, please contact us.

What is Roof/Wall Sign? Where to use?

Roof/Wall Signs are the name given to the Signs on large-scale roofs/walls where the names or advertisements of companies and institutions are located. These Signs, which are designed in larger sizes than other Sign types, are manufactured and assembled in such a way that allows them to be noticed from far away.

These Signs, which are frequently used in new constructions and hospitals, make them possible to be noticed even from far away in areas where high-rise buildings are dense. When necessary, different Sign manufacturing methods such as illuminated, non-illuminated, box lettered or LED are used in roof/wall Signs.

In this type of Signs, the selection of the location where the assembly will be made and the selection of the material from which the Sign will be manufactured are very important. Since they will be installed at an elevated location, they must be resistant to corrosive weather conditions such as wind and heavy rain. Both the support structure and the assembly elements must be selected from the highest quality materials and the manufacturing must be done with the utmost care.

The size of the letters to be used on the Roof/Wall Signs should also be adjusted depending on the condition of the surrounding buildings. Different colors and designs of roof/wall Signs, which are great advertising tools for companies or institutions, are also important in terms of attracting attention and brand awareness.

Roof/Wall Sign; These are Flamboyant Signs that are resistant to natural conditions, which are larger than normal Signs in terms of dimensions, placed on walls and roofs in order to provide remote visibility due to the architectural structures of the buildings. They are illuminated and/or non-illuminated advertising tools, usually made of 3D letters.

For more information on Roof/Wall Signs and signboards, please contact Tabela Arkası team.

If you want your ads to reach more population, you can choose roof/wall Sign alternative placed on the roof or wall of high-rise buildings. If you have a stylish Sign among complex buildings, you can make your brand memorable. It is possible to say that the roof/wall Signs, which are known for their visually monumental, are much more effective than other type of Signs.

These types of Signs, which produce successful results from high quality and skillful hands, also create a permanent perception of position and awareness among public. In this way, even unrelated people will keep your brand in mind and will inevitably lead to your brand. If you want to achieve successful results and get efficient feedback in Roof/Wall Sign applications with the support and selfless services of our company, which has spent a lot of effort in outdoor advertising, you can reach us from our WhatsApp Line +90 (532) 342 32 46 or our e-mail.


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