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Wood is a natural material that we have been using as interior decoration and furniture in our homes, workplaces and offices for a long time. Today, especially in the last few years, wooden signs have been included in our product group as a Sign type preferred by companies, boutique hotels, shops, coffee shops and bars. You can contact us for any kind of Wooden Sign models and designs.

What is Wooden Sign? Where to use?

Wooden Signs, as the name suggests, are Signs made of wood, the main production material. These Signs, which are produced in accordance with indoor or outdoor spaces when necessary, are different and remarkable Signs with their classical structures.

Wooden signboards, which are generally used by boutique coffee shops and restaurants, are more and more preferred by different locations from art centers to authentic and classical places. Wooden Signs are also designed together with different materials. Wood and metal can be used together, as well as a different atmosphere can be obtained with the lighting mechanism when necessary.

In wooden Sign design, besides laser burning, CNC carving techniques are also used. Various wood species are used, from hornbeam to birch, teak to walnut or chestnut.

Wooden Sign can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. As Tabela Arkası, in parallel with Wooden Sign applications, we have started the design and production of Wooden Retro Home and Office spaces. Within the scope of this advertisement activities, many technologies such as Wood Laser Burning, Wood CNC carving and brush painting on wood are used. Additionally, many alternative materials (Plexiglas, Wrought Iron, Chrome, Metal Letters etc.) are used in our Signs.

Manufacturing of Wooden Signs?

Many different designs are applicable to Wooden Signs. According to the place and location to be used, the appropriate wood species or types are selected and processed on CNC machines. Wooden Signs are not manufactured only for companies, but also applicable for store and home decorations.

Hornbeam, Pine, Poplar, Cherry wood, Rosewood, Solid wood and Plywood, etc.… are generally used as wooden Sign material.

The options are very rich in the wooden Signs that we produce using different materials and methods. Among these options, we can consider laser carving, engraving, stump, brush painting, paint filling, aging, wrought iron, hanging, projecting (we call it lantern Sign), illuminated models as the most common ones.

Wooden signboards have a wide range of usage with their variety and color options. The design and type of the tree to be used are the two main criteria of the manufacturing phase for wooden Signs and log signs. During the manufacturing process of our solid wood Signs, the wood is carved on CNC machines and the carved shapes are filled with paint. Then, the wrought iron material that functions as a frame is manufactured and painted. When wood and wrought iron frame are combined, a very aesthetic appearance is obtained. These products, which are also manufactured as tumbled Signs, are used and called under many names today as aesthetic Signs.

Points to Consider in the Production of Wooden Signs

For the natural appearance of wooden Signs, it is very important to pay attention to the natural structure of the tree during the design. Additionally, the selection of the display method of the advertisement by use of the correct complementary material is also very important in the design of wooden Signs. In this respect, we can say that a good design is essential for the quality and visuality of wooden Signs.

The most important point for wooden Signs to be long-lasting and durable is the correct application of protective varnish. With correct and good quality protection, you get a very long-lasting and durable wooden Sign.

The appearance of aging can also be achieved by use of special wood paints and manufacturing techniques applied on the Wooden Signs.

What are the Advantages of Wooden Signs?

  • Wooden Signs are more attractive in appearance than other types of Signs. Companies using this type of Signs are more successful in attracting customers’ attention.
  • Wooden Signs give confidence to the customer as they look stylish in appearance. Especially if you run workplaces such as hotels or and restaurants, it will be possible to fascinate your customers with your wooden Sign.
  • Wooden Signs can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • This type of Signs is resistant to external weather conditions as it is made of a natural material. It doesn’t wear out in the rain, doesn’t fade in the sun.

You ask, let us imagine and make it happen as Tabela Arkası. You can reach us by phone or visit us at our address. We design and manufacture our Signs only in our own facilities. All the applications you have seen on our website have been produced by Tabela Arkası. You just say what you want and Tabela Arkası will imagine and design it for you. The biggest feature of our designs is that they can be manufactured identically in quality. For more than 37 years, we have been serving all over Turkey and abroad.

Please call us for your Wooden Sign needs from our WhatsApp line +90 (532) 3423246.

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