Stainless Steel (Chrome) Channel Letters Sign


What is Stainless Steel (Chrome) Letter Signage

Using stainless steel gives your shop letters or logo a high-quality finish where professionalism is everything. When it comes to quality, there is no better method of production than stainless steel however if you’re limited by your budget then there is a cheaper alternative called aluminum composite letters, which have a similar finish.

Stainless Steel has an extremely high resistance to corrosion which gives it a much longer life span than any other non-alloy product. So, if you’re wanting a long-life product then this is the product for you.

With a little creativity there are lots of effects and contrasts which can be created with stainless steel letters and logos. You can also combine stainless steel with other materials like acrylic & aluminum composite creating whole new looks.

Stainless steel shop sign letters & logos can be used for internal signs as well as external signs. Stainless Steel is a totally weatherproof product and gives you a tough robust finish.


Made typically from a commercial quality 304 grade stainless steel, the Channel Letters are bespoke and made to order in a range of fonts and sizes. A flat sheet of stainless steel is laser-cut to the shape and size of the logo or font. In order to create the depth of the letter, a return strip of brushed steel is welded onto the side of the letter which makes it look solid and three-dimensional. The letters or logos are then fitted to a shop fascia, office wall or sign in a number of fixing methods such as:

  • Flush fixing: letters are fitted flush to the surface of the wall with hidden fixings
  • Raised fixing: letters are fitted with stand-off brackets so the letters stand proud off the wall surface

These types of letters are ideal for both internal or external use and can be fitted to an existing wooden fascia, brick wall or to an aluminum fascia.

Stainless steel letters are often produced in following thicknesses:

  • 20mm
  • 30mm
  • 40mm
  • 50mm

The thickness of the letters is usually determined by the size and font of the letters. If you require an alternative thickness then please speak to a member of our sales team.

Why Stainless-Steel Channel Letters are preferred?

Stainless Steel Channel Letters are used in many areas. Since they have a glossy surface, they are also used for decoration purposes. Due to their brightness, they are the most preferred types in the manufacturing of Channel Letter signage. Silver and gold options are also available. When naming, they are called gold chrome box letters and silver chrome box letters. In line with the customer’s request, they are also produced as illuminated.

There are chrome plated materials sold at affordable prices in the market. Particular attention should be paid to whether the material used for stainless steel Channel Letter signage is made of stainless steel and to its quality. Another important point to consider is the quality of the led that will be used if you are going to have an illuminated Channel Letter sign. The Price of the stainless-steel channel letter signs vary according to the shape, size and mounting location of the sign. You can visit the website to see examples of stainless-steel channel letter signs.

Technical features:

Front Surface: 1.2 mm Stainless-Steel plate

Side Bands: 0.6 – 0.8 mm Stainless-Steel plate

Back Surface: With stud feet or PFC foam

Illuminating your Stainless-Steel Channel Letters

Depending on the design and size of the letters you’d like to have produced, we may also be able to install an internal LED light system inside the 3D built up letters which produces rear illumination, also known as Halo-Illuminated Letters.

The LED lights are suitable for both internal and external use and helps illuminate your shop sign letters by projecting light from the back of the letters onto the wall or fascia which the letters are mounted onto which creates a ‘halo glow’ effect cloud of light. This not only looks fantastic but also ensures your sign gets the attention it needs especially in poorly lit areas.

A range of colored LED lights are used to create the various colors needed however typically an ice-white LED lighting system is used for most signs these days which creates a subtle yet clearly visible method of illumination.

The fascia will also play a part in how much light is produced from the letters. A white background or fascia will reflect the light much better than a black fascia

For more information on this product, please feel free to contact us to discuss in more detail.

Installing your Stainless-Steel Channel Letters

Built up letters give you a three-dimensional feel to your sign which makes them stand out from flat cut lettering. This type of metal lettering is manufactured from a flat metal sheet and fabricated to produce each unique letter.

The built-up letters consist of a “letter face” which is displayed on the front of the sign and a “return side” which is also visible when fixed to the wall. This method gives the illusion that the letters are solid when in actual fact they’re hollow. The advantages in using this method is it reduces the cost as well as the weight of the shop sign so they can be displayed and fixed to virtually any wall or front of shop.

These types of letters are made to order in a range of fonts, sizes and styles. The shape of the letter is laser cut from a flat sheet of metal. A strip of metal is folded around the side of the letter to create the return side and depth of the letters. This is usually soldered onto the side of the letter and a range of return sizes are used depending on how thick or chunky you’d like the letters to look.

The letters are then fitted to the wall with a two-part nut and bolt fixing. The male-part of the fixing is welded onto the back of the letter. The female-part of the fixing is fitted onto the wall. The two parts of the fixing then slot together and are tightened up securely with a spanner to ensure they’re securely into position.

A paper-based fixing template is usually used to ensure all the fixings are in the correct position.

Alternative Steel Colors & Finishes

A lot of the requests we get asked to produce are for metal shop sign letters which are long lasting and affordable. Like most materials, stainless steel is available in a number of thicknesses and finishes. Machined in the same way as aluminum composite letters, the shop sign letters or logos are cut from a single flat sheet of Stainless Steel using a CNC router which has a large cutting bed which allows for extra-large letters and logos to me machined as one single piece. The letters or logos can then be painted to your desired colors or left plain.

Here are some similar colors and finishes available:

  • Polished Chrome Steel Channel Letters
  • Painted Steel Channel Letters
  • Polished Gold Steel Channel Letters
  • Corroded Steel Channel Letters
  • Brushed Gold Steel Channel Letters
  • Rusty Steel Channel Letters

Stainless Steel Channel Letters are divided into two main groups in terms of lighting methods:

▪ Backlit Stainless Steel Channel Letters and Reverse Channel Stainless Steel 3D Letters have the same meaning.

The front and side surfaces of such letters are made of Stainless-Steel material and their mounting on the signboard surface is carried out by means of stud feet. In this way, 2-3 cm distance remains between the signboard floor and the 3D letters. Led lamps in the desired colors are placed inside the letters and they are mounted in such a way that the light reflects from the letters to the signboard surface.

▪ Front Side Plexiglass Internally Illuminated Stainless Steel Channel Letters – Rimmed Stainless Steel Channel Letters

In this option, the front cover of the 3D letters is made of Plexiglas material of any desired color with an stainless steel trim so that the letters are illuminated from the front surface. The side panels (called return) of the letters are prepared in the desired size and design. The trim of desired thickness (approximately 2- 3 cm) in line with the customer’s request can be fixed to the front acrylic or it can be produced as L-angle to hold the front acrylic especially for big letters. If requested, illumination can be provided from both the front and the rear surface by giving light from the back.

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