Hanging (Blade) Sign


Hanging signs are extremely effective in reaching potential clients for your business or promotion. Hanging signs are important not only for proper business identification, but for brand building and advertising. These hanging signs can be much more appealing and profitable, and compliment your business signage, due to their placement. An elevated positioning of your business signage allows you to stand out and be noticed amongst other businesses, that may be seeking the same target audience. Hanging Sign Sample Application

Advantages of Hanging Signs

This type of signs can be used as a wall or floor mounted. With its small dimensions and practical use, it can also be used in small areas such as office entrances and business centers. Especially companies that are especially known with the logo of their brand can capture an aesthetic image by using a hanging sign. The company logo, which is integrated with the lighting at night, displays a remarkable appearance.

Hanging signs are created to increase visibility for motorists and pedestrians passing by a building or establishment. Usually installed perpendicular to the building, hanging signs are an give your business as well as your services an easy introduction to passersby. They’re simple, effective, and of course, affordable.

Tabela Arkası is a trusted local signage provider that specializes in producing signs with maximum impact. We have a team of graphic designers who help our clients pick the font types, font sizes, font colors, sign layout, and overall sign design that can give hanging signs the appeal needed to catch attention even from a distance.

The signs that Tabela Arkası produces are custom-made for your business, your brand, and your budget. This is why we have a wide selection of materials that you can choose from to create your own personalized hanging sign. From sign frames, panels, ceiling brackets, wall mounts, and even lighting kits, we have what you need.

Hanging Sign Features

It is possible to design, make and install a huge range of hanging signs, from traditional painted wooden signs with decorative metal brackets, to contemporary illuminated aluminum box projecting signs. We supply hanging signs from a wide range of materials including wood, aluminum and Perspex, with a wide assortment of hanging options including wall mount brackets, ceiling brackets and freestanding posts.

Hanging signs are available in a variety of materials, all durable, long lasting and customizable. Regardless if your hanging signs are for indoors or outdoors, we can assist you in selecting and designing the ideal hanging sign that not only compliments your business or event, but takes it to new levels. Proper installation of your hanging signs is imperative to a successful business image. We carry a complete line of mounting hardware that accessorizes your hanging signs and in return produces the stylish and professional business image you seek.

Signage Models

Upon your request and requirement, it is possible to design Hanging Signs in any shape (Circular, Square, Rectangular, Elliptical), with any type of connection (Projecting, rotating, suspended), single or double sided, lit or unlit. You can contact our company for a design request.

Hanging signs aren’t just for the outdoors; indoor hanging signs can be just as impactful and effective. When designed and installed right, indoor hanging signs give your brand identity some consistency while providing necessary information to your customers. They can be both promotional and directional.

Of course, it’s important that you partner with an experienced professional signage provider like Tabela Arkası in order to get the most effective signage for the most reasonable price. We at Tabela Arkası are proud of our manpower, access to premium sign materials, state-of-the-art equipment, marketing expertise, and years of experience in creating high quality indoor hanging signs.

Tabela Arkası has spent many years customizing signs for numerous clients, so we are confident that we can design, produce, and install the sign that speaks your brand, promotes your identity, and fits your budget.

Hanging Sign Dimensions

In Circular Models (Including Rotating Signs): 45 cm, 60 cm or 80 cm.

In Square Models (Including Rotating Signs): 45 cm, 60 cm or 80 cm.

In Elliptical Models (Including Rotating Signs): 60 x 40 cm or 80 x 53 cm.

In Rectangle Models (Including Rotating Signs): 70 x 40 cm or 90 x 50 cm.

Give wings to your brand with our creative Hanging Signs.

We design Hanging Signs that your customers love to see. Moreover, designed with innovation, they can maximize brand identity and enhance the corporate image as well.

Our passionate designers design the hanging signs that are a perfect blend of graphics and texts.  We design artistic Hanging designs for use in commercial houses, parks, malls, roads for indicating routes, distance information, etc.

Custom Hanging Signs Design

For our high valued customers, we offer customized hanging signs designing service to help them set forth their niche business requisites for hanging signs.

Our exquisite Hanging Signs bring multiple benefits at your end that includes:

  • Fresh and unique designs and fonts
  • Readable informative text
  • 100% original graphics
  • Standard Size Support
  • Print ready source files
  • Premium Support for Revisions

Many might think that hanging signs are just for inns or hostels but, with the right design and materials, they might be the perfect for your business as well. They’ve been used, and found effective, for centuries after all.

Hanging signs created by Tabela Arkası are all custom-made for each of our clients. They are designed to attract the attention of the target market, and then lead them into the establishment. With the many sign materials that we have access to, our in-house graphic designers and signage specialists have the resources and inspiration to provide you with the sign design to truly represent your brand.

We also take pride in the durability of our products. By using only premium materials such as timber, cast polyurethane, PVC, aluminum, iron, steel, fiberglass, etc., Tabela Arkası’s hanging signs will surely stay effective for a long time.

Hanging signs have been used as advertising tools for centuries because they’re effective in getting more people inside an establishment. But they’re only highly effective if they’re done right and done smartly. This is why Tabela Arkası exists. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to give both businesses and customers a great experience.

We’d love to tell you about how our hanging signs can give your business a boost!

Call Tabela Arkası today at +90 (532) 342 32 46 to get more information about our Hanging Signs and for your Free Consultation with a Hanging Signs Expert!

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