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What is Composite (Alucobond) Wall Sign?

One of the most popular signs in the signage industry, Composite Signs, also known as Aluminum Composite (Alucobond) Signs, is the most durable solution for your advertising needs. Alucobond signs are mainly used where strength and durability is a factor and are the best solution for outdoor signage.

Alucobond printed signs are perfect for all types of outdoor advertising, from venue signage to directional signage, outdoor mounted hoarding boards to wall-mounted display adverts.


Alucobond signs are very temperature stable, rigid yet lightweight and offer great resistance to physical impact and wear and tear.

We produce our Aluminum Composite Signs a variety of shapes and sizes the most popular being A3, A2, A1, and A0 sizes. We can produce custom shapes and sizes to suit particular customer requirements.

Alucobond signs are ideal for fixing to posts, they can be drilled, screwed, riveted or nailed to walls. Being made of aluminum this sign material won’t rust or crack and takes knocks well. These benefits make Alucobond ideal for long term signage solutions for both indoors or outdoors.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for hardwearing exterior use
  • Rust-proof and rot-proof
  • 3mm quality aluminum composite material
  • Long life high quality digitally printed vinyl
  • Graphics guaranteed against UV fade for 4 years
  • Fully waterproof with UV protection for exterior use, when laminated
  • Choose from matt or gloss lamination as an option for outdoor use
  • Ideal for custom shapes

All our display panels are produced on 3mm high quality durable compressed aluminum material also known as Alucobond.

Aluminum Composite Panel is a flat, highly rigid aluminum sheet comprising 2 very thin layers of aluminum on a Polyethylene (PE) plastic core. The sheet is favored by sign makers for its versatility, extreme flatness and rigidity and is used in many applications including display, fabrication and for use as robust hoarding panel on building sites. It is ideal as an outdoor signage sheet as it is weather proof and impervious to water.

Composite Signage

By definition, a composite material is a combination of two materials with different physical and chemical properties. When they are combined they create a material which is specialized to do a certain job, for instance to become stronger, lighter or resistant to electricity. They can also improve strength and stiffness. The reason for their use over traditional materials is because they improve the properties of their base materials and are applicable in many situations.

Signage is something that goes hand in hand with composite panels and it is one more thing we specialize in.

No matter what you want to communicate we will find the best way to help you do it effectively, efficiently and trouble free.

We can create everything below and more:

  • Pylon Signs
  • Billboards
  • 3D Letters
  • LED Displays & Signs
  • Plexiglas signs
  • Wallpapers
  • Roof/Wall signs
  • Road signs
  • Direction signs
  • Car printing / dressing
  • Display stands
  • Special Signage solutions
  • Facade cladding

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Our team, serving in this sector with new generation signage options, also produces solutions in the composite signage category, which is resistant to all weather conditions and preserves its visual feature for a long time.

Composite Signage First Step

There really is a difference between the types of materials that can be used for indoor and outdoor business signage.  What might work perfectly inside, may not be the best option outside.  Think of it like the furniture that you have at your house.  Recliners don’t belong out on the patio and plastic lawn chairs probably wouldn’t work the best in the living room.

Because of temperature and moisture control, there is a wider range of materials that can be used for indoor signage. Throw in some precipitation and wind, and that really limits what materials you can use.

Indoor Business Signage

As mentioned before, there is more flexibility in materials that can be used for indoor signage.  Wood, acrylic, steel, aluminum, glass and foam are all great options for interior materials.  If you think about it, pretty much anything could be used if you have the space and the budget.

Plants are even being used as sign backgrounds.  A ‘green’ or ‘living’ wall is a wall of plants that provides the backdrop for company logos or any other information the would like displayed.  It contrasts the signage in a really unique way with the different shades and textures of green.

Outdoor Business Signage

Exterior signs are pretty limited on the materials that are available.  In climates where there isn’t fluctuation in temperatures and the drastic changes in season, you can get away with other options. Even with the types of exterior sign materials being fairly limited, with creative design and proper fabrication you can have a sign that is both eye catching and durable.

Aluminum is consistently the most used material in the sign industry.  It is durable and does not rust which is ideal for exterior signage.  And it’s extremely versatile!  It can be used for fabricating letter sets, sign cabinets, backers, frames and poles.  It can also be used as a pole wrapper for freestanding signs like monuments and pylons.  Pole wrappers can be given textured finishes to mimic concrete to stucco, which gives the appearance that it’s not aluminum.

Steel is another common material used for exterior signage, but it’s usually hidden.  We use steel poles, angle and plates for the internal structure of most of our monument and pylon signs.  It provides the strength needed to withstand heavy wind loads.

Acrylic and polycarbonate are primarily used for letter faces and the backing in routed aluminum faces.  They are translucent materials which allow light to pass through and illuminate at night.  Vinyl film can also be applied to the faces to either block out light or to provide color to the faces.

Do you have a sign project in mind and want to get a better feeling use of different materials?  We have many different samples, examples and experiences that we are always ready to talk about.

Composite Signage Solutions

Various types of illuminated advertising made of composite materials (sandwich panels). These advertising signs are usually illuminated with LED modules and diodes or can be combined with LED panels.

Illuminated advertising made of composite materials

Advertising signs are made of high-quality composite materials – e.g., aluminum composite panels. These types of materials are usually used as building cladding. ACP is milled on a CNC milling machine – in a combination with plexiglass, we can produce high-precision illuminating advertising signs and lightboxes. These advertising signs are usually illuminated with LED modules and diodes or can be combined with LED panels. Do you want luxury illuminated advertising? This is for you!

3D signs made of composite materials

3D advertising signs are suitable both, for indoors and outdoors. The importance of 3D advertising is constantly increasing compared to traditional media, and the share of 3D advertising in total investment in advertising is also increasing. Illuminated advertising sign or illuminated 3D logo is a suitable element that substantially completes the overall image of the company. Precisely because of its importance and ability to attract attention or influence the overall impression, no entrepreneur should ignore the power of advertising.

Electrical installation

We always recommend to use the LED stripes or modules rather than neon tubes. The durability of the LED lights is up to 50 000 hours. Professionally installed LED technology guarantees minimal energy consumption and high luminosity – 2300 lumens / m2.


Of course, we provide also a professional montage of illuminated advertising – our professional assembly team can handle even the biggest challenges.

And there is even more to it…

We are a manufacturer of the illuminated advertising with a long tradition. We produce customized advertising systems for each customer. We try to meet even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

For top-quality, eye-catching signage and professional installation, contact our professionals today from our WhatsApp line +90 532 3423246.

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