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Display advertising is promotional material / equipment used to increase a company’s branding and visibility in a competitive market to sell goods or services more effectively – in other word it works like a nice “furniture” in your house an serve your visitor in a more professional way. It normally appears in roadshow, exhibition, small event and retail shop. The content usually contains a mixture of text, drawings, photos and logos. Display system advertising frequently has multiple type of design structure and different size to fit the needs of business owner.

Let just say that If a retailer wanted to make an attention grabbing booth counter in an exhibition, he or she typically had few choice of selecting a Pop up backdrop, Promotion counter and roll up banner to use as a advertising materials by putting company logo, minor of great tag line or messages to support the product of the exhibitors not to mention it’s also work to advertising focus partition so that visitors can be more concentrated with what are the exhibitor selling and more remembered with their branding.

Promotional Products:

Promotional products are the most important item of advertising systems which are branded items with a company logo, slogan, or motto that are used in marketing, sales, and advertising. Moreover, promotional items – also known as swag and promotional merchandise – are generally distributed by companies to their audience, employees, and clients in trade shows and giveaways.

Companies use promotional items to generate buzz about their business, make more people aware of their products and services, and generally boost their reach.

Overall, we’d say that promotional products work as an efficient advertising medium for companies to promote themselves and grow bigger. Keep reading to find out more about the importance of promotional products as well as four reasons why promotional products work.

Let’s start with the first reason why printing your company name on a promotional item can be highly beneficial for your business.

  • Reason #1: Increase brand awareness
  • Reason #2: Connect with your employees
  • Reason #3: Enhance brand presence through repeated brand marketing
  • Reason #4: Keep your audience engaged and loyal

Display Stands (Systems):

Also known as a promotional display stand or exhibition booth, this term describes a promotional display: usually a branded printed material attached to a frame (banner stand, pop up display etc.) that helps attract attention for a certain product/service.

Display stands can be useful as a way of disseminating promotional material, such as fliers, booklets, or brochures. Literature stands make material visible, putting it at eye-level. Vendors frequently use stands like these next to tables at trade shows, in shopping areas, or in other high-traffic venues. The magazine displays and candy racks at grocery store check-outs are display stands in this category.

A trade show is also a good place to see many different kinds of display stand. When companies visit trade shows, they are usually intending to market their brand and make an impression on potential clients and customers. This often involves more than a poster or literature stand.

Many trade show displays are larger than life, with images, slogans, and logos serving as backdrops and banners. A trade show display stand can be as simple as a retractable banner stand or as complex as a major pop-up ad contraption. These sorts of stands can be specially made for a certain company’s ads and are often customized to permanently attach to a certain canvas or image. Many come with lighting and other accessories to help attract attention.

The Use of the Display Systems

  • X and L Banner Stand: Easy and light weight setup for business branding, usually use at retail shop, shopping mall and serve as temporally graphic promotion because of the changeable bunting and durable for travel around. Require so skill to set up for business branding, usually use at retail shop, shopping mall and serve as larger graphic promotion event for space constrain. Offered in 60 x 160 cm and 60 x 180 cm dimensions, X and L Banners are one of the most preferred display products with their easy-to-carry, easy-to-install, aesthetic and useful structures.
  • Spider Stand: Can grow up to 230 cm high and 350 cm wide, have become one of the indispensable advertising elements of organizations such as promotions, fairs and meetings.
  • Pop Up (Spider) Table: Frequently used in organizations such as product promotion, product tasting and brochure distribution, with its innovative concept and stylish appearance, are made of foldable aluminum bars. This portable and stylish solution is offered in two different models with dimensions of 90 x 40 x 87 cm and 130 x 40 x 87 cm.
  • Pop Up Display: Work as a main attention grabber in a large-scale exhibition and roadshow.
  • Roll Up Display: Portable and easy to keep, great product for business owner who do mobile event and frequently more around.
  • Brochure Standee / Acrylic Brochure Holder: The best info furniture for booth. Portable and require only small space to display exhibitor’s brochure, book etc.
  • Flag (Flying) Banner Stand: A highlight awareness grabber in outdoor advertisement material, the height and the adjustable site is the main selling point for exhibitor who want to stay out of the branding ordinary.
  • Table Booth, Kiosk & Counter: Assembly is simplicity and fast itself with ideal product’s display furniture for trade shows and exhibitions.
  • T Bar Bunting / Banner Stand: Handy setup and multiple weight available for outdoor and indoor business branding, usually use at retail shop, shopping mall and serve great outdoor graphic promotion because of the changeable bunting and able to add weight by using water bag.
  • Light Box Series: Superb light backlit displays, a good focus and far distant eye-catching display to raise visitor curiosity.

Display Systems are portable display products based on quick installation and quick disassembly used by companies for indoor and outdoor applications.

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