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Here at Tabela Arkası we are passionate about creating that positive first impression for your Business.

Signage says everything about your business and we are here to make your business speak wonders. With a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the signage industry we have the capability to cater for all types of signs, all types of budgets, big and small. From traditional handcrafted signs to laser cutting, from A Boards to vehicle wraps, banners to murals. We do it all! It’s all the small things we do so well and we have built a reputation on customer service, we offer a down to earth approach to your signage needs. We listen. Communicate. Advise. Create and Deliver.

Located in the heart of Istanbul, Tabela Arkası services all around the World. Tabela Arkası can measure, design and install signs on business exteriors, interiors and vehicles, plus can prepare advertising special signages for a variety of purposes. Click through each category to see sample images from sign projects previously completed by Tabela Arkası.

We love signs!

Special Signs require precision work and necessary care must be shown in the design, manufacturing and installation to prevent irreversible consequences. Our experienced designers ensure that the ideas and experiences of the parties are combined on the same denominator with the right communication between the manufacturer company and the owner company.


Special Architectural signage many times is a combination of wayfinding, architectural signages, compatible interior signs, and other traditional signs. We have a strong reputation and history working with leading architects and builders as a partner for architectural signage needs. We also have a legacy of excellence and attention to detail. We have created this section as a resource for architects and builders, providing specific information for our products. Tabela Arkası professionalize in architectural signage. Many architects after working with us once, began recommending us as a sole source for metal plaques and dimensional letters on projects. To ensure this critical element of the building environment, and environmental design – each aspect is executed to fine detail. We encourage you to get some samples, browse our projects and experiences, and contact us for any details.

How to Make a Successful Signage Design?

Having an ordinary and unremarkable store/shop sign means not being able to attract the attention of customers and therefore not making enough sales. If you do not pay enough attention to the signage design, you may face huge losses in the long run.

Designing a sign is carried out on accurate planning rather than design. For this reason, many people find it difficult to fully understand the issue. We will give you hear clearer and more open ideas about signage design. We always focus on how to prepare an ideal sign for businesses such as shops / shops / cafes / restaurants. Therefore, you have to be convinced in deciding how to be your business’s brand identity, logo and signage more interesting and understandable.


So, without further ado, here are some tips to help you design a successful sign:

Important Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Company:

  1. Why Do You Need Signage?

A simple question. If you think carefully about the answer to this question, the answer you will find will enlighten you.

When it comes to shops, cafes, hospitals, schools, mosques, almost every shop and business needs signage. For example, a store needs signage to attract customers. A hospital needs signage so that people can easily see it in an emergency. So, when it comes to signage, goals and objectives may differ.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Designing Signage

At this point, you should set your own goal.

  • Whose attention do you want to attract as a business?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • Who is the text on the sign targeting? Employees? Customers? Students? Patients? Investors?
  • To impress people? To advertise? Make a sale? To warn? Inform? To direct? Inspire?
  • Should your signage be eye-catching to attract people passing by on the street to your store?
  • Is a special sale or event week coming up?
  • Want to impress larger and corporate clients with a professional design?
  • Do you have the signs required by the state, such as “emergency exit”?
  • Will people be able to find your store more easily thanks to your new sign?
  • Do you want your brand to be more known and widespread, to be an important attraction in your city?
  • Do you want people to shop for no reason?
  • Do you want to protect people in accidents?
  • Do you need extra signposts for visitors?
  • Will your sign teach people something new?

Target Customer Audience: People passing by the store

Main Purpose: To attract the attention of passers-by and to enter the store.

Secondary Purpose: To make my store look more professional and thus set it apart from competing stores

With this kind of scheme, you will be more comfortable with signage design, and you will continue the process more easily.

  1. What Should Your Sign’s Message Be?

The most important design element in the sign is the words. What kind of character these words have and how the words are placed determines whether the design is successful or not? Failure is often the result of neglecting the “purpose” part above.

Your message will be clearer and more understandable when you choose words that align with your core purpose.

We can list four recommendations in this regard:

  1. You Have Only 3 Seconds!

People crossing the street have 3 seconds to see your shop sign. For this reason, a sign with a lot of text cannot be noticed or selected in such a short time. People do not prefer to read a crowded sign.

  1. Less Is More!

A successful sign is one that conveys your message accurately and effectively. So, try to use fewer words. 7 words or less is ideal. You can make the sign crowded and complicated by saying let me write that too, let me write that too. So, when you say let’s make eyebrows, you can take out your eyes.

  1. Your Message Must Be Clear!

People should be able to understand what your store is about from the sign. Otherwise, potential customers will pass by the shop. However, if they knew whether the shop was glassware or stationery, maybe they would have gone into the shop and bought something!

For this reason, it would be very good to include a statement on the sign of your store, as well as the name of the store, indicating what the store is about.

  1. What Kind of Design Should You Do?

Store signage allows you to “talk” to customers and passers-by. It represents your voice, your style. In this respect, you need to have a design that you believe will represent you.

TABELA ARKASI aims to enrich the communication process of brands with new and alternative projects and brand-specific works.

Tabela Arkası makes a great contribution to brand creation and development processes such as “Keeping in Mind”, “Remembering” and “Making a Difference” with alternative advertising locations and projects.

There are many special projects and applications undertaken by Tabela Arkası for advertisers.

You can send us your suggestions and ask any questions on our WhatsApp line +90 (532) 342 32 46.

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